#1710, Nepal, 32, (Mina),
resides in Berkeley, seeking a long term live-in position, placed by Nepali Sitter with family in Santa Clara where she took care of an infant and a 3.5 year old. It will be 2.5 years in July 2015, green card holder, Bachelors in Management, fluent in English and Hindi, single, (available March 2015)

#2055, Nepal, 39, (Soni),
resides in Oakland, seeking a live-in position, husband and children are in Nepal, 2 years live-in experience, mother of two, 4.5 and 13, Bachelors, does cooking, speaks some English, work permit, does not drive (currently working).

#2797, Guatemala, (Estela),
43, resides in Mountain View, driving for 20 years, Masters in Education, single, fluent in English, 5 years childcare experience, CPR certified/First aid, looking for long term 2-3 years, seeking a live-in or live-out position in and around Mountain View.

#2826, Pakistan, 52, (Sabra),
resides in Bay Point, seeking a live-in position, does not drive, 8 years childcare experience, BSc, mother of 4, 3 grandchildren, excellent cook, $3k

#2795, Bolivia, (Elizabeth),
49, resides in Redwood City, seeking a live-in position in and around Redwood City, driving for 29 years, CPR, Early Childhood Development units, over 30 years of childcare experience, fluent in English and Spanish, also does housekeeping and cooking

#2704, Mumbai, 31, (Aisha),
fluent in English, resides in Sunnyvale, seeking a live-in position, 4 months experience with twins, they were 12 months old when she started, driver's license for 4 years, no vehicle, 3+ years childcare experience, HS diploma, 5 years in the US

#2984, Nepal, 24, (Dolma),
single, resides in San Pablo, has a work permit, Bachelors in Bus Studies from Nepal, took care of nieces and nephews, does food prep, does not drive

#3039, Nepal (Lhamo), 34,
resides in Oakland, seeking a live-in position, born and raised in Mumbai, India, married, does not drive, mother of 2, ages 2,10, family is in India, BA from Delhi University, fluent in English

#2728, Tibet, 35, (Yehhi),
resides in El Cerrito, driver's license since June 2014, driving for 3 years, no car, 5 years in the US, family is back home, fluent in English, currently working, 3-4 weeks notice required, seeking a live-in position in and around East Bay, cooks only Tibetan food

#3069, Hispanic mix, (Nicole), 28,
single, no children. Placed by Indian-Nanny with a family where she has been working for the past two years with two children. She drives and has a car. (available January 2015)

#2846, North Indian, (Veena), 32,
resides in Richmond, 1 year childcare experience

#3209, Nepal, (Anju), 45,
resides in Somerville, MA, (Boston), drives and has a car, 10 years childcare experience, seeking a live-in position in sunny California, wants to re-locate

#3156, Hispanic, (Samantha), 21,
resides in Menlo Park, seeking a live-in position, driving for 5 years, has a car, has been a nanny and babysitter for several years, also volunteered at a church helping with summer camp for kids of various ages as well as their Sunday nursery. She fluent in Spanish and English, loves dogs. Enjoys cooking and cleaning, loves to bake. Chemistry major at Cañada college in redwood city. Almost done with her classes.

...and many more.

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